Discovering My Opportunities Project

Discovering My Opportunities

By taking part in this project, you will establish the scope of working  in different food settings, developing your skills and knowledge, cover a number of activities and helping  to  make  decisions regarding specific employment pathways.

By participating in this informal learning programmes, participants will be able to consider wider programmes of learning in the future with greater self confidence.

Participants will benefit from the project via:

1. Increased in work based skills
2. A reference from a local employer
3. Experience in an operating business, rather than a learning environment
4. A blend of relevant skills ie not just cooking or just cleaning
5. A greater confidence from successfully participating in learning
6. A greater sense of achievement from gaining experience of working on live events
7. A greater understanding of what employers are looking for from potential future employees

Local employers will benefit from the project via:

1. A potential employee group who have relevant skills
2. Confidence in entering into a contract of employment for those who have a good understanding of what the job entails
3. A greater confidence in employing those from a wider pool of job seekers

Participants will benefit further in terms of building self esteem by working in a supportive team and viewing how small learning steps over time translate into skills others will pay for.