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  • My Healthy Lifestyle CIC receives  funding from ‘Awards For All’ to support a new project vehicle!
  • People’s Health Trust funds and  supports Living on a shoe sting project
  • My Healthy Lifestyle CIC funds MIND project
  • Children’s Creative sandwich workshops supported and funded by My Healthy Lifestyle
  • In 2017 My healthy Lifestyle will continue to fund and support soup kitchens within Houghton Regis
  • Working in partnership with Central Bedfordshire on our new ‘Kitchen Skills project’
  • My Healthy Lifestyle volunteers with CHUMS
  • Asda Dunstable; Supports My Healthy Lifestyle CIC, through their ‘Green Token’ Scheme  in-store
  • My Healthy Lifestyle CIC wins New Business of the Year Award
  • Nominated for the BBI Awards
  • My Healthy Lifestyle CIC working with Arteia Events
  • Launch event for My Healthy Lifestyle 9th November 2013. Event held at the new Incuba
  • New  Young Chef Awards’ announced at the Launch on the 9th November.

Runners up;  Jade Ginger, Eloise Plunkett,

Winners announced;